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Carlson born July 20, is an American science fiction and thriller writer whose novels are international bestsellers. Son of a former division head at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Carlson was born in Sunnyvale, California and has since lived in several cities up and down the Californian coast.

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In the early s, he also lived in Arizona, Colorado and Idaho before returning to his native California in He now lives with his wife Diana and their children near San Francisco. Carlson left high school at age fifteen after passing the California High School Equivalency Examination and now holds a B. His past jobs include driver, pressman, salesman, waiter, phone representative, cashier and construction worker.

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First known for his short stories, to date Carlson has written three novels known as the Plague Year trilogy. His debut, Plague Year, is a present-day thriller about a worldwide nanotech contagion that devours all warm-blooded life below 10, feet in elevation.

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Plague War and Plague Zone are its two sequels. Campbell Award for Best New Writer, an award voted on by the fandom of science fiction.

In a minor controversy, Carlson was forced to decline the nomination due to a rule change by the award administrators, which retroactively made Carlson ineligible due to some of his earliest short fiction sales to Strange Horizons. A few adjustments, such as White Balance, also offer sliders for a bit more control over how the effect is applied.

Photoshop Express also lacks the capability to assign tags to images which makes finding them easier later or even a way to rename them, though you can add and edit captions. However, Adobe clearly understands this, because you can import and export pictures between other services. In Flickr, for example, clicking the Edit Photo button that appears above one of your images opens the photo in Picnik.

The service does have a few drawbacks. Photoshop Express is currently limited to users in the United States. Adobe said that this iteration is specifically focused on consumers. We reviewed the terms in context of your comments — and we agree that it currently implies things we would never do with the content.