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Sophie discovers in Brandon her main research project regarding her plan to write a local history. She initially accompanies him to his experiential art in nature, takes pictures, and films him, thus growing quite fond of him.

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Brandon is being domineered, sometimes overtly and at other times more subtly. Due to his peculiarities people underestimate him. When Brandon feels insecure, he calms himself with birding and phishing for birds. He feels at ease with animals and nature and the familiar surroundings soothe him. Lynch uses the character of Sophie as the almost all-knowing yet mysterious presence, a wise voice hence the name Sophie. She is strategic in her networking and builds her position in the community with bunco 39 games, parties and most importantly her massages.

Sophie is winning slowly but surely. Sophie shares the story of Cranberry Chas about the money he found on his property and that he gave to the sheriff. Her neighbors want to tell her rumors, secrets, and share their experiences. She provides a link in the plot and integrates Brandon in the community. It is at her private art show that in the final chapter Madeline and Brandon are reunited.

Sophie talks to McAfferty while she massages him. Jeanette adores her son. She supports him even though she realizes that he has a learning disability. She feeds his interest in birding and homeschools him. She used to be the quiz champion and now forgets the easiest things. Nonetheless, she possesses emotional intelligence, empathy, and intuition even after the outbreak of her disease.

Madeline recounts how Jeanette found the right words after her mother passed on.

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One key passage is the reversal of roles between Sophie Winslow and her interviewee. Usually Sophie interviews and records everyone and does not reveal anything about herself, but with Jeanette this method does not function any longer. Jeanette insists on learning more about Sophie and interviews her. This is the moment when Sophie opens up and tells about her personal life and discloses that she wants to write a community history and that she is not interested in men. Sophie is particularly interested in Brandon and tells Jeanette that he is her true project. Brandon is very fond of his mother.

Belonging to and fitting in a community is thus an important motif in the novel amidst increasingly bordered neighborly relations.

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First she just wants to briefly participate in the bud growing and then she is sucked into the circle of money, excitement, and guilt, wanting to find the right moment to quit and never finding it to do so. Madeline remembers her youth and how she used to be closer to Brandon at the age of fourteen or fifteen. Initially, Brandon is marginalized in the community due to his peculiarities.

He has one or two friends who are on his side such as Danny Crawford. He undergoes a dramatic change in the course of the plot when he becomes attractive as a successful agent. Eventually, as an up-and-coming artist, successful former agent, significant other of Madeline and local son, he is fully accepted.

In the beginning, he is not a complete outsider, but alienated by societal divisions. Nonetheless, some people like basketball coaches, the doctor attesting his outstanding gift, and tall women find him intriguing. Exclusion thus gives way to inclusion. Brandon personifies the tension between the local community and border securitization and border enforcement.