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I am also a woman of color. People have categorized me and made assumptions about my heritage. People have uttered words to me that seem to cut deeper than any blade could. What terrifies me most is knowing that this fear I experience, resulting from parts of my identity that are completely out of my control, is miniscule compared to the fear experienced by so many others in this country.

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I wondered, what can I do in this frantic, overwhelming aftermath? How can I make this right? As a therapist, there is something I can do right now to make a difference. I can continue to maintain a safe haven for my clients. I can use my own experience to support and empathize with others.

Pick Up the Pieces

During a time when everything feels chaotic, I can provide a corrective experience. I can show my clients that in this room they are unconditionally accepted for who they are, regardless of race, ethnicity , faith, or political affiliation.

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My clients matter in this space. They are important. They are recognized for every part of their identities, both privileged and oppressed. Perhaps the safety and connection established in therapy will reach other parts of their lives, but for now, we will start here. I will hold this space for us to grieve and process, and we will build something stronger together.

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    One moment at a time you can build yourself back up. Even your darkest moments only last for so long. For a few moments in time you and your ideal are one. Do you struggle with picking yourself up and starting over? Your words are always exactly what I need to hear and always start my mondays off with a sense of comfort, hope and motivation.

    Thanks Elle for your inspiring words. Another excellent article, Elle! Write on, Elle! Hello Joseph, goodness me you are always such a source of wisdom for us all. I shall practice this my own self! Hi Elle, very inspiring post!

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    In the past, I turned to creating a ritual of yoga and meditation when I was going through a rough time with my job. It took time, but eventually I started to notice that creating that small space of time in the day where I blocked out all the petty problems I was facing helped me to see that there was a lot more to the world than those petty problems. Today, things are better and I continue to practice yoga and meditation.

    They keep me grounded throughout whatever may arise throughout the day. Thank you for sharing your inspiring words!

    Hello Annie, another wonderful One with such wisdom. We have much to learn from each other. I like a phrase, Robert Preston says in the film of the same title. It works like an automatic reset button for my spirit and helps me rally my inner and outer forces to try again. Hello Mary…I like that idea…having a phrase that acts like a reset button.

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    Thank you for sharing it. Ur words have been really motivating me as u said I hv created this ritual to read ur writings and yes it works. May you use your motivation to create the best life possible for you. You deserve nothing less dear heart. Thank you for this. I came across this pafticular article the other day. You have given me strength to at least try.

    I am just sick and tired of being so lost. I know I deserve better and need to stop denying myself happiness due to my loss. So thank you, ElleSommer. May God Bless you for all the work you do to help others xo. Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. You deserve to be your happiest most successful self. Success Simplified: 5 minutes to propel you to greatness.

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