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Flare 23 by Wilson Hill. Who Is Raven? Why, she's the world's greatest lit… More. Flare 24 by Tim Burgard.

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Flare teams up with Raven Gold to take on the thr… More. Flare 25 by Wilson Hill. It's a special 25th issue celebration, featuring… More. Flare 26 by Wilson Hill. Flare 28 by Dennis Mallonee. The Origin of Lady Darkon is revealed, featuring… More. Flare 29 by Dennis Mallonee. The Return of Duel features the return of the wor… More.

Flare 30 by Terrance Griep Jr. Santa's little elfin granddaughter Chrissie Claus… More. Flare 32 by Dennis Mallonee. Flare deals with her wicked aunt Helga and has a… More.

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Flare 34 by Steve Perrin. Flare's history of confrontation with her old nem… More.

Flare 35 by Steve Perrin. For the first time ever, Flare and her electric l… More. Flare 37 by Wilson Hill. Comics' glittering goddess of the light returns a… More. Flare 38 by Dennis Mallonee. Flare 39 by Dennis Mallonee. Comics' glittering goddess of light returns in Ja… More. Flare 41 by Dennis Mallonee. When a Syrian diplomat is killed on American soil… More.

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Flare 45 by Dennis Mallonee. It's a brand-new threat from out of Flare's past,… More. Flare 47 by Dennis Mallonee. When it comes to women, everyone knows what Zeus… More.

Flare Annual 2 by Dennis Mallonee. If your local newspaper isn't carrying the Flare… More. Shelve Flare Annual 2.

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Flare Annual 3 by Dennis Mallonee. Shelve Flare Annual 3. Flare Adventures 13 by Wilson Hill. Shelve Flare Adventures Flare Adventures 15 by Dennis Mallonee.

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  • Flare's classic adventures in Olympus are retold,… More. Flare Adventures 16 by Wilson Hill.

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