Manual Afghans for Crocheting

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Crochet afghan patterns are simple in shape, a basic rectangle of crochet stitches, but modifying crocheted afghans can sometimes be anything but simple. With no fit and rarely any shaping, crochet afghans are a perfect blank canvas for learning or playing with new techniques such as cables, Tunisian crochet, motifs, and more. There are three basic sizes for crochet blankets: afghan, lap blanket, and baby blanket.

These measurements are just guidelines. But what if you want to modify a baby blanket into a full size afghan or a large afghan into a crib size blanket?

Easy crochet afghan patterns that are worked in stripes using a single stitch, such as the City Stripes afghan by Leigh Radford , are the easiest to modify. So to create a crochet baby blanket, you would need to work only 69 stitch and rows in the color stripe pattern. Crochet afghans that are worked in a specific stitch pattern or are created by joining motifs are constrained in size to the proportions of the stitch pattern or motif. The original pattern is 5 motifs wide and 6 motifs high. But what if you want to convert this crochet blanket pattern to a lap afghan size?

Pull out your calculator. You can adjust the size of an afghan worked in a stitch pattern in the same way by working more or fewer repeats of the stitch pattern.

Newly Added Crochet Patterns

Knitting yarn or crochet thread used with original afghan pattern may be a discontinued yarn or thread. All rights reserved. Rustic Afghan. Mediterranean Afghan. Mexican Afghan.

Best Crochet Stitches for Blankets - Maria's Blue Crayon

Stadium Robe Afghan. Scallop Ripple Afghan. Palmetto Afghan. Macrame Afghan. Painted Desert Afghan. Dusty Snowflake Throw. Crochet Wreaths Afghan.

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Blushing Grannies. Crochet Sunflower Afghan. Crochet Hearts Afghan. Happy Hearts Afghan. Autumn Log Cabin Throw. Crochet Autumn Leaves Afghan. Crochet Turkey Talk Afghan. Nature's Inspiration Throw. Presents Crochet Throw. Circles in Octagons Throw. Camouflage Patch Throw. Corner-to-Corner Throw.

Cozy Crochet Cable Throw. Country Home Crochet Throw. Country Blossom Throw. Crochet Pansy Afghan. Crochet Flower Field. Crochet Floral Bouquet Afghan. Crochet Circles in Squares Afghan. Crochet Butterfly Afghan. Crochet Halloween Afghan. Crochet Little Windows Granny Throw. Crochet Refreshing Throw. Crochet Delightful Afghan.

How to Crochet the Basic Afghan Stitch

Crochet One Skein Throw. Faux Shearling Throw.

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Dreamy Ripple Crochet Afghan. Flower Accents Throw.

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

French Country Throw. Crocheted Striped Afghan. Morning Glory Afghan. Passionate About Purple Throw. Rich Treasure Crochet Throw. Rich Mitered Crochet Throw. Snuggle Up Throw With Sleeves. Sunrise Sunset Crochet Afghan. Sophisticated Crochet Afghan.

Striped Wrap Around Throw. Baby Granny Three Ways. Sweet Dreams Crochet Blanket. Crochet Baby Snuggle Up with Sleeves.

Quick Crochet Stripes. Crochet Baby Blanket.

Crochet Contented Baby Blankie. Crochet Ripple Baby Blanket. Ribbed Baby Blanket.